Meet The Team


Nigel is at the very heart and soul of TrekTipi and is the reason the company exists today. With his first camping experience at the age of six weeks old [!] it's fair to say that 'The Nature' is in his blood.


Living in Scandinavia for 10 years (he speaks Danish!) he learned to look at 'The Nature' in the same way as the Nordic people. Those 10 years trekking through the Swedish forests and sleeping out under the stars, often in temperatures below freezing, are what inspired him to make Trek Tipi what it is today. It is also the inspiration behind us using the Teepee as our shelter (Scandinavian spelling - Tipi) It is such an iconic image of Scandinavian outdoor life and is still used today by the Sami nomadic reindeer herders of the Northern forests.


Nigel feels completely at home when he's outside. Whether he's up high on a mountain ridge, windswept on a battered coastline or deep in the forest, outdoors is where he feels happiest.


Over the 25+ years he's been playing in the outdoors, Nigel has visited, walked and climbed in some of Britain's most iconic mountainous regions including Glencoe, Cairngorm, Skye, Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons, Outer Hebrides and of course The Lake District. Having also trekked in Norway, Sweden, Mallorca and Peru, it's fair to say you're in good hands when you're out in the wilderness with him.


He is also a basic bushcraft instructor, keen sailor - ask him about nearly capsizing in a 16 ft yacht while sailing around the Danish coastline - and loves his rugby.




Mike - MCQ Bushcraft

Mike is the newest addition to our team and is TrekTipi's bushcraft and wilderness guru.


As a boy Mike was always fascinated by the natural world and the ability to survive within it. Like many kids he would spend most of his time outside with friends playing in the woods and streams that surrounded the village he lived in. At the age of 14 Mike was introduced to hunting and fishing and with a few likeminded friends, would spend days fishing and hunting, bringing back wood pigeon, rabbit, trout and sometimes pheasants for the table. He learnt to respect and value food at a young age, and this has become a way of life that has only strengthened with age, as he grew older branching out into the eating of the seasonal wild plants and mushrooms.


To Mike, the word Bushcraft encompasses all outdoor living skills and in order to be a part of this world our ancestors had to be at one with all disciplines of it. He began to teach himself about plants from an edible and medicinal perspective, spending prolonged time in the field, thinking nothing of venturing for 3 or 4 days at a time. The knowledge learned through these adventures is what makes him the person he is today.


To this day Mike loves being outdoors and has never lost the desire to continuously learn and practice skills that connect him to his surroundings.


We are immensely proud to have somebody with Mike's knowledge and experience involved with TrekTipi and look forward to some incredibly fun and rewarding times together!