Dodd Wood - Lake District

Dodd is part of the Lake District's Northern fells and forms part of the Skiddaw range, one of the highest ranges in the National Park! It is here that TrekTipi has its basecamp, deep in the heart of the forest that flanks the mountain. It's here where your adventure lies!

Dodd lies on Forestry Commission land known as Dodd Wood and for many years it was extensively planted with conifers right up to the summit which obstructed the view. However, the Commission started a programme of tree clearance from the top of the fell in 2001 and the summit of the fell is now clear; it is hoped that it will revert to heather moorland in years to come. Influential guidebook author Alfred Wainwright voiced strong opposition to the afforestation of Dodd in his Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells in 1962; it took 40 years for his wishes to come true.

TrekTipi feel extremely priveleged to have unique permission to use the fell as a wild camping base and as such are completely committed to its protection. Everything we do at our camps is in unison with The Nature and we will never take more than we need, nor more than Nature can cope with. Educating about the need for take-only-what-you-need and leave-no-trace camping is something we feel very strongly about and will be something you can be sure to learn at our Trek & Tipi Camps.